My Single Valentine

My Single Valentine Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and singles around the world may be feeling some loneliness or gloom but let’s look at the bright side! There are so many benefits to being single while you’re in waiting for your prince or princess charming. ❤️ You still have your freedom to go […]


Style your summer dress

Hey stylisters! Today is simply about how to style your summer dress for all seasons in the year not just summer! Do you have that dress that you want to wear so bad but you say to yourself “it’s too light for winter” Well, say no more! In 3 easy steps you can change all […]

Mock-ing Bird

Hello style lovers, happy #TBT.  Today is all about the very interesting style called the mock neck. Not quite a turtle neck but a little less overwhelming for those who are not so crazy about a full turtle neck. What I love most about this dress is the fit,  color and slits on the side. […]

My Boohoo experience

Hey fashionistas! I’ve heard sooo much about the online store Boohoo… So I decided to give them a try. Check out my. review in the video below. All links to purchase items are below!   Details: Womens Kate Belted Shawl Collar Coat: Here Other beautiful coats from Boohoo Here Camel Cardigan set Here Black Blazer Here Bag Here Shirt Here […]

All Things Camel!

Hey fashion lovers! Today I’m sharing with you all things camel/ Tan/ Nude, whatever you prefer to call it! There’s just something about the nude color that takes your look up a notch. It makes everything look clean, fresh and might I add, like a million bucks! Yes, it makes you look uber expensive! Like […]


Hello beautiful fashion lovers! Happy hump day! There’s just something I love about a nice cozy, well fitted and stylish clothing item. Apparently, I’ve gained a new obsession with sweater dresses! I do love a good sweater on a regular day during the cooler seasons.  However, I stumbled on this gorgeous dress at a department […]

Winter Bag packing

Hey beautiful style lovers! Happy cyber Monday! Today I wanna drop a really simple but yet stylish addition to your wardrobe this season. It’s all about bag packs! Honestly  all I need is a motorcycle 🏍 to finish off this look😊. #bikergirl When winter rolls around, I love pulling out my backpack 🎒 It just makes […]

‘Tis The Season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly is right around the corner! And I just had to bring you this post as my own little contribution to help my style lovers in preparation for the season! Think red or dark green as you set out to purchase an outfit for the special day. This beautiful floral […]

Fall Trend |Turtle Necks

Hey beauties! Don’t you just hate it when fall/winter rolls around and  you have to stow away your summer and spring clothing? Yea I hate it too which is why I don’t play that! I put my summer clothes to use ALL YEAR ROUND! This video will show you some of the ways I do […]

Spring into Fall!

Hey beauties! Today’s article is all about bringing sexy back. The kind where you can throw some boyfriend jeans on with an oversized blazer and still look sexy? Yea that! This season we’re going into, there are going to be more cooler/cold days than hot. So this article is about you bringing the heat with […]

Business Casualties…

When you here of business casual, do you think a boring white shirt and some washed out Chinos? Or maybe a bland blouse with a hippie skirt? Let’s not do that! We’re talking about causing positive casualties and not giving them a reason not to give you that promotion😂 However, any super casual outfit can […]

Staying casually stylish…

Miss summer much? Most of us dread the change in season. Fall season especially because we know around the corner, winter ❄️ ❄️ awaits. But you don’t have to loose your sense of style just because the season changed. You can still stay stylish even through winter. Here is a very simple way to be […]

Fall Ready…

Hey beautiful people! Are you enjoying the fall season yet? I love everything about fall fashion! Today I’m providing a little style inspiration you can recreate with what you already have in you closet! Enjoy!


Dust it on! Hello fabulous style enthusiasts! Welcome back to get #Styleislife! As you can see, I’m serving you that black widow mysterious look today! All with one important clothing item we girls need in our closet! Drum🥁 roll… It’s the DUSTER jacket! For summer, fall and spring seasons, the duster is super essential. It […]

Get that Fitch!

Hey folks! Today we’re talking about that sexy-casual Abercrombie & Fitch look! Did I get it right? Get some inspiration and see how you can recreate this look from what you have in your closet! Enjoy! Details: Leather jacket: Comme USA Here Stripe boyfriend shirt: Old navy Bag: Old: Brand-Dkny Bootie: Old …. Similar here


Fall is here and you certainly don’t want to look like a wet blanket! So head on to our website at and get some inspiration!

Tuxedo Lifestyle

Hello beautiful people! I’ve missed you😘. Welcome back to Sunkanmi London, where style is LIFE! Wow, I got side kicked a little bit and had to take a short break from my blog. I’ve been working on a new movie, working on our talk show, personal life, yady-yady-yada…. But there’s no excuse for keeping my […]

Color pop series…

How To Dress Up a Tee! Hello fashionistas! Have you ever wanted to wear a tee shirt to a formal event. Feel comfortable but also look presentable? Well, Sue London is to the rescue! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 For the most part, it’s all about accessorizing! Earnings, necklace, watch are essential in looking more “dressed up”. However the […]

Summer Jumpers!

Hey there fashion forward sisters & Misters! Have you heard about Jumpers for Men? 🤔🤔🤔 I don’t think so! lol. Tell me what you think about that in the comment section below. It’s style inspiration time! It’s officially summer and time to show off those legs! Jumpers, jumpers, JUMPERS, is the name of the game […]


Hey loves! Where back with inspirational tuesdays! Today it’s all about the white n blue stipe trend. Most bloggers have rocked differ versions of this with tops and bows…. But I set out for an off shoulder dress version…  Voila! I found this dress when I was reasearching a company that reached out to me […]

For the love of CAMO

Hey guy! Hope you all are enjoying your week! Do you love  ❤️ camo as much as I do? Check out this pullover camo I paired witha DIY ripped jeans 👖 I did at home. I’m just  loving this look. It’s a relaxed but stylish look. Pair with some boots like mine and a cross bag and […]

The Flower 🌺 Girl

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! As you can tell, this outfit is self explanatory. This gorgeous, bright, vibrant top is making me feel my self! I just love everything about it. It’s off shoulder, it’s flowery, its loose so I can eat all the barbecue I want, lol  (🍖🌽🌭 Don’t judge me) and […]

Casual Date Edition

Hi fashionistas and misters! Welcome back to my blog where #styleislife! Today we’re going with the casual date look.  Take a walk on the boardwalk, go to a fair, stop by a bar to play some games and grab a drink 🥃 or grab some coffee ☕️. You can still look fabulous and dress casual […]

Denim & Co.

It’s all about the oversized denim. It never goes out of style. Stay warm or look cool, it’s all good. Similar can be found in Marshalls and very affordable! Never forget your stunne shades 😎 . Enjoy!  

It’s Vintage!

Hey lovelies! Welcome back to #Styleislife. This Tuesday is all about colorful prints and shorts! I bought this vintage blouse from a thrift store I stumbled on. Amazingly I found this gorgeous top. With that being said, try pairing colorful tops with solid bottoms or vice verse. Enjoy!

Spring Florals!

Florals are in this season, so are shorts and super bright colors. Throw on a hat,and you’re ready to go on a hot summer day. So get those shorts ready to pair with any top and play around with some colors.  Enjoy!


Welcome to the season of bold and bright colors, where nothing is off limits. I paired 2 bright and vibrant colors (Fusia & Emerald green) to create this look. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to go bold because style is what you make […]

The boyfriend shirt

It’s inspiration Tuesday! We’re talking about the “boyfriend shirt”👚 Think of the days you just wanna eat all the food at the cookout 🍕🌯🌮🍔🍗. Besides, spring is here and that means lots of time spent outdoors. Sometimes you just wanna take it easy and relax. Wear a tank and shorts underneath and throw on the […]

For the love of stripes!

As you may already know, I love stripes! Especially when it’s black and white. Here I pair it with white jeans👖 For an air of freshness and a mustered colored tank top for a pop of color. I just love this look. We all need at least one striped item in our closet. A tee, […]

Inspirational Tuesday!

Standing amazed in the presence of the lord. 2500ft above ground! What a beautiful view it is. Every once in a while, we need to take in the beauty the lord created. I was going for a casual but cool 😎 look today. Something you can similarly and easily throw together in your closet. Enjoy […]

It’s Tangerine!

It’s official, spring is here! Bring out the bright colors. The tops, pants, skirts, shorts and perhaps throw in a little spring cleaning 😊 . It’s the color tangerine 🍊. It’s bright, vibrant and a sure end to the winter blues. Note: The fabric for this outfit was purchased and tailor made. Several colors and […]

Denim Squared!

It’s denim on denim! It’s timeless and you can never go wrong. Pair light and dark, dark and dark or both lighter colored demin, it always works! There is NO wrong way to where denim. Your style and fashion is what you make of it. You can dress it up with a jacket or coat […]


March is here and we all know what that means… Spring is at hand. So it’s time to get those beautiful bright colors out! The dresses, the shorts and tops. To jumpstart the season, I have this gorgeous yellow dress for you to get inspired.  

Editorial: Funk it up with Fur!

Lets get funkyfied! Winter doesn’t have to be meh :-\  Have some fun with your wardrobe! Mix things up! Style is what you make of it. Without further ado, enjoy! Don’t forget to comment and share your own style tips.    

Can I rev up that engine?

Winter blues? Certainly not for me. There’s nothing hotter than a girly-girl who can ride a classy Harley. But who says you need one to look like a sexy biker CHIC? Throw on a sweater, black tights and a leather jacket.Forget the boots and throw on a pair of scrappy heals and a trendy bag-pack […]

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