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My Single Valentine

My Single Valentine Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and singles around the world may be feeling some loneliness or gloom but let’s look at the bright side! There are so many benefits to being single while you’re in waiting for your prince or princess charming. ❤️ You still have your freedom to go […]


Mock-ing Bird

Hello style lovers, happy #TBT.  Today is all about the very interesting style called the mock neck. Not quite a turtle neck but a little less overwhelming for those who are not so crazy about a full turtle neck. What I love most about this dress is the fit,  color and slits on the side. […]

Business Casualties…

When you here of business casual, do you think a boring white shirt and some washed out Chinos? Or maybe a bland blouse with a hippie skirt? Let’s not do that! We’re talking about causing positive casualties and not giving them a reason not to give you that promotion😂 However, any super casual outfit can […]

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